Amar Jesani

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Dr. Amar Jesani is a medical professional who has been deeply involved with social science research in health for more than three decades especially in the fields of human rights and medical ethics. He is the coordinator the Centre for Studies in Ethics and Rights, an institute of the Anusandhan Trust in Mumbai. He is currently coordinating a training programme in research ethics for HIV/AIDS researchers for a collaborative project of Samuha, Bangalore and University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Amar Jesani graduated from Baroda Medical College in Gujarat and has been doing health research since 1979. Has been involved in research and teaching in health and development, bio-ethics and ethics in social sciences, health and human rights, health policies in India and gender and medical education. He has contributed to a number of government committees on health and has assisted the international Human Rights Steering Group of the British Medical Association in preparing "The Medical Profession and Human Rights: A Handbook For A Changing Agenda" in 2001. He is also a member of the International Working Group of the Physicians for Human Rights, USA and a faculty at the University of Cape Town.

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