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COPASAH is a community where practitioners who share an interest and passion for the field of community monitoring for accountability in health interact regularly and engage in exchanging experiences and lessons; sharing resources, capacities and methods; in the production and dissemination of conceptual, methodological and practical outputs towards strengthening the field; and in networking and capacity building among member organizations. This Community of practitioners was established as result of a three day 'Practitioners Convening on Community Monitoring for Accountability in Health' organised by the Accountability and Monitoring in Health Initiative (AMHI) of the Open Society’s Public Health Program in July 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

OUR VISION Communities are actively engaged in promoting accountability and transforming health systems towards the realization of social justice.

OUR MISSION Our mission is to nurture, strengthen and promote collective knowledge, skills and capacity of community-oriented organisations and health activists - primarily from Africa, Asia and Latin America - working in the field of accountability and social action in health, for promoting active citizenship to make health systems responsive, equitable and people-centred.

VALUES COPASAH believes that in order to make our vision a reality, community monitoring for accountability in health must Enable communities facing inequities to assert their rights and to participate in concrete actions to bring about changes in health services and equitable distribution of resources Give voice to peoples’ perspectives Be an empowering process where actors related to the health system are encouraged to address power imbalances that affect people’s health Be linked to an action or advocacy plan which aims to influence or change health policies and programs.

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