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The logo is from an old cartoon by Community Health Cell. It signifies us coming together to work for health. is a collaborative project aimed at creating a comprehensive resource on community health and the Health For All movement in India put together by people actually working in the field

The site is a Wiki website similar to Wikipedia and consists of a number of interlinked encyclopaedia format articles, images and PDF documents as well as links to numerous other webpages and websites.

The site has been created by Lalit Narayan and hopes to evolve into a mass collaborative effort of a number of voluntary scholars with experience and expertise in a variety of disciplines including grassroots community health organising, medicine, public health, epidemiology, social sciences, political economy and history representing a variety of voices and realities from the local to the global level.

This website aims at bringing together fragmentary facts, concepts and analysis in order to create an integrated understanding of the health system in India. We hope to focus on previously undescribed areas within a health system especially on the community of individuals, organisations and networks who have the power to significantly affect health in India.

We hope not to merely reflect the existing ground reality of health in India but also be part of the process of working towards Health For All through the creation of a number useful resources for practical use in the struggle for a healthier nation and world.

If you feel you would like to get involved with this project please visit the Community portal or contact Lalit Narayan

The team has a blog at where you can keep track of the latest developments and challenges that this fledgling initiative faces. We also hope to use the space to further the discussion regarding the use of new digital media technologies within the Health For All movement and build community among Health For All communicators.

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