Health For All Now! A People's Health Resource Book

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Cover of the first edition
Health for All Now! A People's Health Resource Book is a compilation of five booklets which were prepared by the National Coordination Committee of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan as part of the nationwide mobilisation for the First People's Health Assembly held in December 2000. As of now they have been translated into 9 languages and over 35000 copies have been distributed.

The books cover the major issues in health care and provision of basic needs that face India today and look at how structural adjustment and the policies of globalisation have led to a worsening of the health status. They also look at a number of people's initiatives and how these form a model for changes that are possible with the right set of policies.

The books are written in an easy to understand format and is intended primarily for lay, non-academic audiences.


Book 1: What Globalisation Does To People's Health

The first book is a brief introduction to what was meant by globalisation and why such a phenomenon has occurred. It explains how this affects the lives of the poor especially their health status. The book also looks at issues of health financing, food security and pharmaceutical production consequent to the structural reforms associated with globalisation.

Book 2: Whatever Happened To Health For All By 2000 AD?

The second book is an introduction to the concept of primary health care and the reasons why this came to be accepted by all nations as the main strategy for achieving Health For All. The book goes on to show why and how the spirit of the Alma Ata Declaration was undermined and explains the difference between the concept of primary health care and the existing primary health centre network and the disease control programmes we have.

Book 3: Making Life Worth Living!

The third book deals with the inter-sectoral interfaces of primary health care - drinking water, sanitation, education, livelihoods and so on. It highlights a number of success stories to show how the basic needs of all citizens could have been met

Book 4: A World Where We Matter!

The fourth book discusses the health care issues of the marginalised. In particular, it deals with women's health issues and population control policies, child health and health problems of street children and the physically disabled.

Book 5: Confronting Commercialisation Of Health Care

The fifth book deals with issues of rational drugs and diagnostics, medical education and ethics and presents an overview of the issues involved in regulating the private sector.


Health For All Now! A People's Health Resource Book is currently out of print. You can download PDF versions of 4 of the booklets from the links on this page. Hard copies may be obtained by contacting Balaji Sampath or Community Health Cell.

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