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The Health Survey and Planning Committee, popularly known as the Mudaliar Committee was set up towards the close of the Second Five Year Plan in 1959 to survey the progress made in the field of health since sublission of the Bhore Committee report and to make recommendations for future development and expansion of health services.

The Mudaliar Committee found the quality of services provided by the primary health centres inadequate and advised strengthening of the existing primary health centres before new centres were established. It also advised strengthening of subdivisional and district hospitals so that they could effectively function as referral centres.

The main recommendations of the Mudaliar Committee were:

  • Consolidation of advances made in the first two five year plans.
  • Strengthening of the district hospital with specialist services to serve as central base of regional services.
  • Creation of regional organisations in each state between the headquarters organisation and the district which were to be placed in charge of a Regional Deputy or Assistant Director.
  • Each primary health centre to serve not more than 40000 population.
  • Quality of care provided by primary health centres to be improved.
  • Medical and health services to be integrated as recommended by the Bhore Committee.
  • The constitution of an All India Health Service on the pattern of the Indian Administrative Service.


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Download the Mudaliar Committee report

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