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The International Conference on Primary health Care was held in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, from 6-12 September 1978. The conference declared that “Primary Health Care is the key to attaining this target as a part of development in the spirit of Social Justice” and called on all the governments to formulate national strategies and plans of action to make primary health care as a part of comprehensive National health systems which would work in coordination with other sectors .

To make “Health for All” by 2000 AD, a reality WHO formulated Global strategies based on national strategies, Development of Indicators, managerial process for health development, programme evaluation, Plan of action for implementation, and general programme of work which would help in achieving the minimum level of health. The essential documentation for all the process towards achieving Health for all has been published as special “Health For All Series”.


Series No 1. Alma-Ata 1978, Primary Health Care - report of the International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma Ata USSR 6-12 September 1978 – (1978) WHO.

The first book of the series contains the Alma Ata Declaration, Report of the International Conference on Primary Health Care and the Joint Report of Director-General of WHO and The Joint Report of Executive Director of UNICEF.

Series No 2. Formulating Strategies for the Health for All by the year 2000-(1979) WHO.

It emphasizes essential issues for strategy formulation for evolving health policies of a country as a part of and in the light of its own problems and possibilities, particular circumstances, social and economic structures and political and administrative mechanisms.

Series No 3. Global Strategy for Health for All by the year 2000- (1981) WHO

This document outlines situation analysis of world health and related socio-economic problems and trends, and emphasizes on health policies and development of health systems based on primary health care. The book also explains how to generate and mobilize resources for them; to ensure the inter country co-operation required; to monitor and evaluate health strategies; and how WHO can provide appropriate support.

Series No 4. Development of Indicators for monitoring progress towards Health For All by the year 2000-(1981) WHO.

It proposes 4 four categories of indicators; Health policy indicators; social and economic indicators; indicators for provision of health care; and indicators of health status. It Emphasizes information requirements for various indicators, principal and alternative methods of data collection and its analysis.

Series No 5.Managerial Process for National Health Development”- (1981), WHO.

Managerial Process for National Health Development document sets out guiding principles for the application of a managerial process towards the national health development. It describes components like formulation of national health policies, Programme programme budgeting; broad programming; the master plan of action; detailed programming; Implementation; evaluation; reprogramming as common features of managerial process and the interrelationships as well as mechanisms required for national health systems development.

Series No 6.Health Programme Evaluation- (1981), WHO.

The 6th Document of the series sets out guiding principles for the application of evaluation as part of the managerial process for national health development. It also stresses on use of indicators to measure changes and use of valid relevant and sensitive information to support evaluation.

Series No 7.Plan of Action for Implementing the Global Strategy for Health for All. (1982), WHO.

This document contains plan of action for implementing the global health strategy for Health for all All by 2000 also contains an index to the first 7 seven Volumes.

Series No 8.Seventh General Programme of Work Covering The period 1984-1989. (1982), WHO.

The first work programme contains work of the world health organization’s agenda that will cover for the period until the target date of the year 2000.

Series No 9. Glossary of terms used in Health for All-(1984), WHO.

It defines a set of 90 terms commonly used/ referred to in the health Health for all All series.

Series No 10.Eight general Programme of work covering the period 1990-1995,- (1987), WHO.

Stresses on Optimal use of resources, determination of Priorities, Programme Implementation monitoring and evaluation.

Series No 11. Ninth General Programme of work covering the period 1995-2001”,-(1994), WHO.

The third general programme establishes the global health policy framework for action by the world health community worldwide. The listed goals and targets indicate the minimum to be achieved by through global health action.

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