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Just and Lasting Change by Daniel Taylor-Ide and Carl Taylor, The Johns Hopkins University Press (2002)


Cover of Just and Lasting Change
Just and Lasting Change is a comprehensive guide to transforming communities rapidly and in locally appropriate ways. Daniel Taylor-Ide and Carl Taylor have been present at key events and worked with key thinkers in dealing with the large forces of inequity, environmental change and globalisation for several decades. The approach they have synthesised builds on what has worked over the last century - and can now be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively in many parts of the world. It relies on a three-way partnership of "bottom-up" initiatives from the community level, "top-down" support from government agencies and "outside-in" ingenuity and objectivity from experts. Based on both a diverse range of case studies - from the earliest attempts to promote social development in India a century ago to current efforts in Tibet, the Peruvian Andes, China and the American Southwest - and engaging personal experiences, this book describes, step-by-step, how the SEED-SCALE model can be effectively implemented.

With contributions from leading international experts in community-based development and public health. Just and Lasting Change offers a hopeful description of how people have made a difference in diverse communities around the world and a practical, accessible handbook for those trying to improve the quality of life in underdeveloped communities everywhere.

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