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Karuna Trust is a public charitable trust affiliated to the Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra, located in BR Hills in Karnataka. The trust's main focus areas are health, education and livelihoods. It works through public-private partnership initiatives to implement replicable and innovative models in these areas. Karuna Trust believes in community based, people oriented, need based, culturally acceptable methods using appropriate technology with minimum cost to the community.

The trust was instituted in 1986 as a response to the high prevalence of leprosy in the Yelandur Taluk of Chamarajnagar district. Prevalence of leprosy dropped from 21.4/1000 population in 1987 to 0.28/1000 in 2005. From working exclusively on leprosy control, Karuna Trust diversified to work on epilepsy, mental health and tuberculosis.

In 1996 the trust was handed over the management of the government Primary Health Centre at Gumballi. The success of this initiatve led to the trust taking over the management of a further 30 PHCs in Karnataka and 9 PHCs in Arunachal Pradesh. The trust also has innovative programmes in mental health, education and livelihood and community development.

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