Learning From The Rural Poor

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Learning From The Rural Poor by Henry Volken, Ajoy Kumar and Sara Kaithathara, Indian Social Institute (1982)


Cover of Learning From The Rural Poor

Learning From The Rural Poor is based on the experiences of the Mobile Orientation and Training Team (MOTT) working with the rural poor. It analyses the distinctive methodology developed by the team to support the rural poor and oppressed in the discovery of their potential to be makers of their own future. In training animators, MOTT enables them to develop the capacity to work with their people so as to deal creatively with the immediate problems of hunger, disease, indebtedness and agricultural productivity and, while doing this, to acquire increasingly a critical understanding of the causes of poverty that are rooted in the nature and functioning of society. The complementary skills of the MOTT team in agriculture, community health and adult education provide practical entry points for concrete change through action that is realistic and integrated through critical consciousness in a clear sense of direction towards a new future.

All those involved in any way in social action with the rural poor will find this book, like the earlier book Moving Closer To The Rural Poor, invaluable for its insights, methodology and concrete experience of grassroots reality.

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