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'''Publications related to the 1978 [[Declaration of Alma Ata]]'''
'''Publications related to the 1978 [[Declaration of Alma Ata]]'''
* [[Alternative Approaches To Meeting Basic Health Needs In Developing Countries]] (1975) by V. Djukanovic and E.P. Mach, [[WHO]].
* [[Health By The People]] edited by Kenneth Newell, [[WHO]]
* [[Alternative Approaches To Meeting Basic Health Needs In Developing Countries]] (1975) by V. Djukanovic and E.P. Mach, [[WHO]]
* [[Health for All Series]] (1978-1984) by [[WHO]]
* [[Health for All Series]] (1978-1984) by [[WHO]]
* [[Health For All: An Alternative Strategy]] (1981) by [[ICMR]] and [[ICSSR]]  
* [[Health For All: An Alternative Strategy]] (1981) by [[ICMR]] and [[ICSSR]]  

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Treating survivors of rape and sexual assault

Doctors play an important role not only in the treatment of survivors of rape but also in the collection of evidence needed for prosecution. This page aims at putting together resources for doctors in India who provide health care to survivors of rape.

Treating survivors of torture

Every year, thousands of Indian citizens and immigrants survive torture. Many survivors of torture in neighboring countries also seek refuge in India. This page aims at putting together resources for health care professionals in India who provide treatment to survivors of torture.

Rakku's Story

In the 1980s and 1990s, an entire generation of health workers and activists in India were introduced to a new way of understanding structural health problems by reading Rakku's Story. The book starts with the story of Rakku, a woman who struggles to feed and adequately care for her children and herself. It moves on to explore the structural factors that contribute to the family's ill-health. It ends with exploring how political action may result in a better health system for all of us.

Download Rakku's Story: Complete text (38.7 MB) | Part 1 (6MB) | Part 2 (10.67MB) | Part 3 (12.56MB) | Part 4 (9.72MB)

Digital archives project

The Digital Archives Project aims at preserving some of the key publications of the Health For All movement that are currently out of print.

Publications related to the 1978 Declaration of Alma Ata

Publications of the Medico Friend Circle

Publications of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan

If you would like to suggest a book or help out with scanning books that are currently on our list then please contact Deepak Kumaraswamy.

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