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We are a collaborative project aimed at creating a comprehensive resource on community health and the Health For All movement in India. Contributors range from health workers, researchers, activists and others with an interest in community health. Find out more about us at the About page. You can help! Find out how you get involved at the Community portal. You can also visit our project blog at, join our low traffic announcement email list at and become a fan on Facebook. Welcome to the community! - The team

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Several research organisations, hospitals and NGOs offer community health internships and medical electives. Find out more on the portal on community health internships and medical electives in India

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The Exploring Community Health Portal is a directory of people, projects, books, films, courses, internships and other sources of information and ideas for students and others who are new to and curious about community health in India and the Health For All movement. is a wiki mass collaboration project. That means it will become bigger and better only if you get involved. To learn how you can contribute by creating and editing articles right now, visit our community portal.

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Help build up our image library. Start by viewing the gallery of image files recently uploaded on the site.
You could write technical content, proofread articles, contribute images or help us with the technical aspects of webhosting.

Help us edit: Public health | Binayak Sen

If you are unsure where to start, you could expand some of the recently created articles. (Click the recent changes page in the column to your left, and you will see some articles designated as "stubs" that need to be fleshed out). Or you can use the search box in the upper left column to find other articles to build based on your interests.

Please cite sources for any information you add. If this is your first time editing on, you can register here, and learn more about how to contribute, what communityhealth is all about, and how to cite references.

If you would like to help in other ways, write to us on AT

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