National Health Policy (1983)

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Cover of National Health Policy 1983

The first National Health Policy of 1983 was a response to the commitment to the Alma Ata Declaration to achieve “Health for All by 2000”. It accepted that health was central to development and had a focus on access to health services, reiterated the resolution of taking health services community and ensuring cooperation of the community. It recognizes nutrition, prevention of food adulteration and maintenance of the quality of drugs, water supply and sanitation, environmental protection; immunization programme, maternal and child health services, school health programme, and occupational health services as priority attention for inputs required for improved health care. Also calls on for re-orientation of the existing health personnel and inclusion of various systems of medicine and health care at the appropriate levels, within specified areas of responsibility and functioning, in the over-all health care delivery system, specially in regard to the preventive, promotive and public health objectives.

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