National Institute of Epidemiology

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The National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE) was established in 1978 as the Chennai Chapter of the Institute for Research in Medical Statistics (IRMS) which was renamed as NIE in 1999. The institute has been actively involved in the assessment of the National Leprosy Control Programme and in operational research on certain aspects of the National Tuberculosis Control Programme. It also coordinates and closely monitors the biostatistical aspects of the multicentric clinical trails on selected traditional remedies launched by the ICMR Headquarters and runs a Masters degree course in the field of epidemiology

Contact Details

Address: National Institute of Epidemiology, Mayor V.R. Ramanathan Road (Spurtank Road), Chetput, Chennai-600031

Tel No.: +91-44-28360025

Fax No.: +91-44-28360663

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