National Institute of Immunohaemotology

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The Institute of Immunohaematology (IIH) formerly known as Blood Group Reference Center was established in 1957 and renamed as IIH in 1982. The Institute conducts basic and operational research in haematological disorders and to develop appropriate strategies for their treatment and control. It also runs training courses in transfusion medicine for Blood Bank Medical officers, Blood Group Serology & Blood Bank Methodology for technicians.

The research carried out by the Institute led to the discovery of new blood groups (Oh, Ina, D, Mg, Cad.Ii, weak ABH).

Contact Details

Address: Institute of Immunohaematology, 13th Floor, New Multistoryed Building, KEM Hospital Campus Parel, Mumbai - 400 012

Tel No.: +91-22-24138518/19

Fax No.: +91-22-24138521

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