People's Health in People's Hands

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Cover of People's Health In People's Hands
The central message of this Book is "unless people are involved in planning process, it is impossible to evolve meaningful rationale and cost effective health care systems that can provide adequate amount of appropriate health care to people". It points out that a way to enable people is to channel directly the resources of knowledge, skills, and finances to the community and evolve a process of involving education, with appropriate organizational economic and policy support. The books provides a) clear diagnosis from which our health systems suffer b) case studies how such miladies has been managed and can be overcome effectively with peoples involvement in planning process. c) wisdom of rich experiences of various community based projects and builds an alternative model for health care which can help achieve the goal of health for all.

Some of the features of model health care in panchayati raj as proposed i) Increase the percapita expenditure on health in rural areas. ii)The new Health care units a)a village health center covering a population of 2,500. b)a primary health center for the population of 20,000 c) a community health center for the population of 1,00,000. iii)Functional classification of disease, where disease are not classified according to their pathology but according to varying levels of skills and facilities needed for their diagnosis management and care. iv)Role of Female workers at every level must be enhanced and the ways to improve their self esteem devised.

The strength of this book is that it narrates peoples experience in various parts of the country.

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