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Community health internships

Medical elective placements for foreign students

There are a number of big city hospitals that offer placements for foreign medical students who wish to pursue an elective/ volunteer placement in India. This website however, hopes to focus on placements with community based organisations where the opportunity to see community health work in action is greater. Visiting Portal: Community health projects and Category: Community based organisations for details of organisations profiled on this site.

Organisations that facilitate foreign student electives in India

  • Medical Student Electives - The Medical Student Electives (MSE) programme of the UK based Charities Advisory Trust offers medical students elective placements at ASHWINI in Gudalur, Tamil Nadu and SYVM in H.D. Kotte, Karnataka.
  • Projects Abroad - Projects Abroad is a UK based organisation that arranges volunteer placements mostly around the Madurai area in Tamil Nadu.
  • MedicsAway - Medics Away is a UK based organisation that arranges medical elective placements mostly in Kerala.

Preparation for your internship / elective

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