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There are a number of big city hospitals that offer placements for foreign medical students who wish to pursue an elective/ volunteer placement in India. This portal however, focuses on placements with community based organisations where the opportunity to see community health work in action is greater.

Projects in India that offer internships / electives

This is a rather incomplete list at present and we hope to expands it in the coming months.

Tamil Nadu




Organisations that facilitate foreign student electives in India

  • Medical Student Electives - The Medical Student Electives (MSE) programme of the UK based Charities Advisory Trust offers medical students elective placements at ASHWINI in Gudalur, Tamil Nadu and SYVM in H.D. Kotte, Karnataka.
  • Projects Abroad - Projects Abroad is a UK based organisation that arranges volunteer placements mostly around the Madurai area in Tamil Nadu.
  • MedicsAway - Medics Away is a UK based organisation that arranges medical elective placements mostly in Kerala.

Preparation for your internship / elective

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