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Community health and the Health For All movement in India is a vast and diverse field with a number of interesting personalities, projects, ideas and concepts. The Exploring Community Health portal is an attempt to create a a directory of sources of information, contacts and ideas for students and others new to and curious about the field of community health and the Health For All movement in India.

The first section, Getting Informed, deals mainly with suggestions on how one can get better informed about community health and the Health For All movement in general and the specific issues involved. The second section, Take Action, deals with suggestions on how one can get actively involved with the movement based on what one has seen and understood.


Get informed

Getting started

Meet people involved with the movement

Most people involved in community health in India are extremely approachable and are quite willing to take time to speak to students and other newcomers about the work they do and the issues they are involved in.

Visit Portal: People within the community health movement for a comprehensive list of contacts.


A good place to start reading about community health is this website. Visit the Glossary section for a quick review of some of the common terms you will encounter. Read about the history of community health and public health in India, find out about global health, the People's Health Network network, community health articles related to your state and more.

There is a large collection of published and gray literature on community health in India. Visit Portal: Reading about community health for a review of some of the most relevant publications.

Watch movies and documentaries

There is a large collection of short films, documentaries and commercial movies that explore health related themes in India. Visit Portal: Films on health to find out more.

Attend events

Community health and Health For All related events are a good way to network and find out about new projects and ideas. Find out about upcoming events on the Current events page or by subscribing to mailing lists mentioned below.

Getting involved

Join mailing lists and discussion groups

Mailing lists and discussion groups are a good way to keep up to date with new developments and upcoming events. Some of the important groups on community health and Health For All in India are:

The District Collector of Dharmapuri interacts with Lambadi women at Tribal Health Initiative.

Visit community based projects

A number of community based projects all over India actively encourage visitors to come and experience grassroots level community health work. Visit Portal: Community health projects for a list of projects in India.

Enroll for workshops and short study courses

Get a degree

There are a number of options for post graduate study in community health related fields in India and abroad. Visit Portal: Postgraduate education in community health to find out more.

Take action

Getting started

It only takes a minute

Sign a petition, send a fax and lend your voice to a number of initiatives that act on immediate concerns of the Health For All movement at Portal: Direct Action

Organise an event for your student group or organisation

Expose your colleagues to the realities of health in India. Most of the people listed at Portal: People within the community health movement are willing to spend time talking about their work and the challenges of ensuring Health For All in India. Also visit Portal: Films on health for ideas on suitable films which can be screened.

Contribute resources

There are a number of grassroots level community based organisations in India that survive on personal donations. Find out how you can contribute money and other resources at Portal: Making donations.

Getting involved

Create evidence

Every student project or graduate thesis has the potential to contribute research findings that make Health For All a reality. Find resources, contacts and ideas for research at Portal: Health research in India.

Health activists from Bangladesh at the Second National Health Assembly in Bhopal.


The democratic process in India allows for the non-violent expression of people's concerns for their health and development. Keep track of upcoming rallies, public hearings and other forms of democratic protest on the Current events page or by subscribing to mailing lists.

Communicate the message

Volunteer to create communications material for the Health For All movement. Find out how you can get involved at the communityhealth.in project blog.

Volunteer or do an internship

Volunteer to work at a community based organisation in India. Find resources and ideas at Portal: Community health internships and medical electives in India.

Get involved with the People's Health Movement

The People’s Health Movement is a growing network of people’s organisations, civil society organisations, NGOs, social activists, health professionals, academics and researchers working to establish health and equitable development as top priorities through comprehensive primary health care and action on the social determinants of health. Find out more at Portal: People's Health Movement.

Solidarity with other movements

Working for the Right to Health health means working for the right to food, clean water, housing, education, human rights and much more. Find out about other related social movements in India that you can get involved in.

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