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The Exploring Community Health portal is an attempt to create a a directory of sources of information, contacts and ideas for students and others new to and curious about the field of community health and the Health For All movement in India.

The directory is divided into two main sections although this does not imply that the suggestions in the first section have to be followed before moving on to the second. The first section, Getting Informed, deals mainly with suggestions on how one can get better informed about community health and the Health For All movement in general and the specific issues involved. The second section, Take Action, deals with suggestions on how one can get actively involved with the movement based on what one has seen and understood.

Remember that this site is built by mass collaboration. If during your exploration of community health you come across information that should be in this portal then find out how you can share it on this website at the Community portal.


Get informed

Getting started

Meet people involved with the movement

Portal: People within the community health movement


Portal: Reading about community health

Watch movies and documentaries

Portal: Films on health

Attend events

Find out about upcoming events on the Current events page.

Getting involved

Join mailing lists and discussion groups

Read some more

Visit community based projects

A number of community based projects all over India actively encourage visitors to come and experience grassroot level community health work.

Tamil Nadu





Enrol for workshops and short study courses

Get a degree

Take action

Getting started

It only takes a minute

Sign a petition, send a fax and do more at Portal: Direct Action

Organise an event for your student group

Contribute resources

Getting involved

Create evidence

Portal: Health research in India


Communicate the message

Volunteer or do an internship

Get involved with the People's Health Movement

See Portal: People's Health Movement

Solidarity with other movements

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