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Low cost pharmaceuticals

  • www.locostindia.com - Low Cost Standard Therapeutics (LOCOST) makes essential medicines for those working with urban and rural poor in India.

Low cost surgery

  • www.primary-surgery.org - Primary Surgery is a three part textbook first published by Maurice King together with numerous experts in 1990. The work comprises the volumes Non-Trauma, Trauma and Anaesthesia. It was created to supply doctors with basic surgical knowledge to cope with all surgical symptoms, even far away from referral centers. The textbook details a number of surgical practices and procedures that are more appropriate in resource poor settings.
  • Association of Rural Surgeons of India - This break away association from the Association of Surgeons of India aims to bring together rural surgeons in India who work in environments very different to the high-tech settings of urban hospitals.
  • Use of sterilised mosquito net for hernia repair.

Low cost obstetric and neonatal care

  • Maternova - Maternova is a website that profile low cost innovations in obstetric and neonatal care, maps health facilities and connects professionals involved in maternal and child health work.
  • Embrace Infant Warmer - The Embrace Infant Warmer is a product conceived at the Stanford Institute of Design that uses a phase-change material in a sleeping bag design to maintain a neonate's body temperature. It costs $25, approximately 1% the cost of a traditional high-tech incubator. The product is being released in India in 2010.

Low cost critical care

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