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* [[Aga Khan Foundation scholarship]]
* [http://www.akdn.org/akf_scholarships.asp Aga Khan Foundation - International Scholarship Programme]
* [[INLAKS scholarship]]
* [http://www.inlaksfoundation.org/Inlaks-Scholarship-Abroad.html Inlaks Scholarships Abroad]
* [[Ford Foundation scholarships]]
* [http://www.ifpsa.org/ Ford Foundation International Fellowships Programme]
* PHFI Future Faculty Programme
* [http://www.phfi.org/careers/ffproramme.html PHFI Future Faculty Programme]
===Scholarships for studying in UK===
===Scholarships for studying in UK===
* [[Chevening scholarship]]
* [http://www.chevening.com/ Chevening Scholarships]
* [[Commonwealth scholarahip]]
* [http://www.csfp-online.org/ Commonwealth Scholarships]
===Scholarships for studying in USA===
===Scholarships for studying in USA===
* [[Fulbright scholarships]]
* [http://www.usief.org.in/ Fulbright Scholarships]
* [[TOEFL India programme]]
* [http://www.ets.org/toefl/indiascholarships/ TOEFL Scholarship Programme for India]
[[Category: Exploring community health]]
[[Category: Exploring community health]]

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[edit] MD Social and Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine

MD Social and Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine is a three year programme available for those who have completed their MBBS studies. It is offered in over 130 medical colleges in India as an option for post graduate studies. Some of the reputed programmes are:

For a complete list of institutions offering MD Social and Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine courses visit www.mciindia.org.

[edit] Masters in Public Health (MPH) in India

The Masters in Public Health (MPH) programme is a two year programme available to graduates in medicine, AYUSH, physiotherapy, nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, life sciences and social sciences. The programmes are relatively new with the first one starting in 1997.

[edit] PhD programmes

[edit] Other programmes

[edit] BSc in Public Health Management

  • Allahabad Agricultural University

[edit] MD Community Health Administration

[edit] Masters in Community Health

[edit] Masters in Health Administration

[edit] Masters in Epidemiology

[edit] Masters in Applied Epidemiology

[edit] Masters in Applied Nutrition

[edit] Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management

[edit] Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health Care Financing and Health Policy

[edit] Post Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics and Data Management

[edit] Post Graduate Diploma in District Health Management

[edit] Public health and community health education abroad

[edit] Masters programmes in public health

[edit] Scholarships

[edit] Scholarships for studying in UK

[edit] Scholarships for studying in USA

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