Practising Health For All

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Practising Health For All by David Morley, Jon Rohde and Glen Williams, Oxford Medical Publications (1983)


Cover of Practising Health For All
'Health For All by the Year 2000' is now the official goal of all 158 member countries of the World Health Organisation. It is perhaps the most optimistic declaration of intent ever made by the entire international community. Nut is it just an empty slogan, the latest fad in international development jargon?

The strategy of primary health care offers a range of proven and effective medical technologies for bringing Health For All within our grasp. Yet the main problems in making this goal a reality are not primarily medical, but political and organisational.

Practising Health For All takes a case-study approach to these problems and shows how they can be overcome. Scores of drawings, figures and tables emphasize the key points.

This book should be read by all health and development workers, administrators and politicians who view Health For All not merely as an ideal, but as the right - and the responsibility - for everyone.

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