Questioning The Solution

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Questioning The Solution: The Politics Of Primary Health Care and Child Survival by David Werner and David Sanders with Jason Weston, Steve Babb and Bill Rodriguez, HealthWrights (1997)


Cover of Questioning The Solution
Questioning The Solution is a book about the problems of primary health care and child survival in underprivileged countries and communities. Divided into four parts, this book focuses on diarrhoeal disease in exploring the complex determinants of child health and quality of life. Part 1 presents a brief historical overview of health services from colonial times until the 1970s. It discusses the concept of Primary Health Care as formulated in 1978 at Alma Ata. In Part 2, as a case study, the authors show how marketing Oral Rehydration Therapy as a commercial product has turned this potentially life-saving technology into yet another way of exploiting and further impoverishing the poor. Part 3 looks at the determinants of population health from a historical and contemporary perspective. Part 4 concludes with a few examples of equity-seeking, health-promoting initiatives. These range from programs focusing on specific urgent health problems such as diarrhea and undernutrition to comprehensive efforts which place health care within the context of working toward fairer, healthier social structures.

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