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* [[communityhealth.in for medical students and doctors]]
* [[communityhealth.in for medical students and doctors]]
* [[Portals: Biographies]]
* [[Portal: Biographies]]

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Lalit Narayan is the founder and owner of the communityhealth.in website. He currently works as a Research Assistant studying stigma and mental health at the UCL-BALM Research Unit, Banyan Academy for Leadership in Mental Health, Chennai. He completed his MBBS from St. John's Medical College, Bangalore in 2007 and then worked as a medical officer at Tribal Health Initiative in Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu for two years followed by a six month stint as a Research and Communication Assistant at Centre for Public Health and Equity. Since his student days he has been active in the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan working mainly on website and communication issues. He is also a active member of the Medico Friend Circle. His interests include community health, anthropology, information systems, travel and digital photography. He blogs at bodypolitics.blogspot.com

You can contact him at lalit82[at]gmail.com

He is currently working on

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