Vector Control Research Centre

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Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC) was established at Puducherry in 1975. The Centre has been engaged in basic and applied research with the primary objective of finding newer methods and developing strategies for the control of vector borne diseases. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has designated VCRC as a Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Integrated Methods of Vector Control.

The Centre imparts important training in vector biology, manpower development, ecology, epidemiology and control of vector borne diseases. The center has several patents and newly developed products to its credit and is actively involved in development of rapid diagnostics for diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis.

Contact Details

Address: Vector Control Research Centre, Medical Complex, Indira Nagar, Puducherry - 605006

Tel No.: +91-413-2272396, 2272397

Fax No.: +91-413-2272041

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